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Fire Group
Since 2016 Fire Group education company has been helping students from all over the world to easily succeed in their education. Over 150 students were accepted and highly qualified by graduating State Universities of Azerbaijan. Fire Group company has given an opportunity to international students for a better education and a brighter future. Hundreds of foreigners have reached their goals and settled down in the heart of Azerbaijan - Baku, by the help and support of Fire Group.
Lamiya Aliyeva
Consultant Executor
Kristina Annen
Aysel Agayeva
Maryam Aliyeva
About Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan is at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. The population of the country takes up more than 9.8 million people, the territory is 86,600 km², for both of these indicators Azerbaijan is the largest country in the South Caucasus. Baku is the capital and the largest city in the country. The climate of Baku is almost ideal. In winter, the thermometer does not fall below +5 ° C, and in summer often rises above +30 ° C. The national language is Azerbaijani. Among the population, the Russian language is also widely used, the younger generation in the majority speaks English.
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Services of the Fire Group company
  1. Visa in 3 hours
  2. Meeting & transfer from Airport
  3. Help in finding anapartment or accommodation
  4. Resident permit for whole duration of education
  5. Baku bus travel card
  6. Provision of local mobile phone number
  7. Help in settling down in Baku
  8. Medical certificate
  9. Translation all of documents to Azeri language
  10. Appointment regarding any personal or educational questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to apply with an Electronic Visa ?
The visa is issued by the Official Electronic Visa portal of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it is an online visa.

- This online visa will allow the student to arrive in Baku within three months.

- To obtain a visa, the student must make an online payment of $ 30 to our bank account.
- An electronic visa is issued for a single entry into the country.

- - Upon admission to the state university,the student acquires student residence permit to replace the electronic visa.

You are provided with a valid link to the e-visa portal.

The process of obtaining a visa for citizens of countries that are not in the list of countries eligible for an online visa.

- To obtain a visa, the student must receive an invitation letter on behalf of the State University.

- With the invitation letter, the student must visit the Azerbaijani embassy in his or her own country or in another country and pass the interview.

- The invitation letter is issued by the State University and is confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- To purchase the invitation letter, the student must make a partial payment in advance to the university.

- The invitation letter is issued within 15 days

Documents required for admission to the university and obtaining a visa:

• Passport
• High school diploma
• Birth certificate
In scan version to our email :
Is there a hostel?
Cost of accommodation living per person for one month with good living conditions
  • Residence & Breakfast : 90$
  • Residence & Breakfast & Dinner : 115$
  • Residence & Three meals a day : 130 $
Provided comfort facilities for international students :
  • Laundry (ironing, washing)
  • Bathroom & Shower
  • Wi-Fi
  • Television
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner & heater
  • Bed sheets
How to get an invitation letter?
Submitted documents are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which says that, an international student is invited to Azerbaijan State University.

The invitation is issued to students whose countries are not included in the list of countries for an electronic visa (EVisa). They will obtain a visa through the Azerbaijani embassy.
Original invitation letter is issued in Azerbaijan language and must be submitted to the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the original copy.


Students should choose an educational program at the Azerbaijan State University.

The contract is signed by two parties: the educational company Fire Group and an international student.

The student must confirm his intentions by transferring a partial amount of money from the total amount for education to Azerbaijan State University to receive an invitation letter.

Within 14 days after the agreement, the student receives an original copy of the invitation letter, with this letter he / she should make an appointment to the Azerbaijan embassy, to which he applied.

A trip to the embassy of Azerbaijan for appointment and obtaining a visa.

The student buys a ticket for arrival in Azerbaijan and informs the educational company Fire Group about the date and time of arrival.
Is there a scholarship?
- Unfortunately, state and private universities of Azerbaijan do not give scholarships to international students.
What are the criteria for permanent residence in Azerbaijan?
- The right to receive permission to have permanent housing on the territory of this state is available to foreigners and persons who do not have citizenship who have reached legal age and who have been legally residing in Azerbaijan for more than two years.
Is it possible for a large number of exit and entry from the country with a student residence permit?
- Yes, it is possible.
- During the period for which the residence permit was issued, numerous entrances and departures are possible
Is it possible to travel to Europe and other countries with an Azerbaijani student residence permit?
- No, the issued residence permit concerns only the state of Azerbaijan and it is valid only for the country concerned.

- For travel to other countries, the student must have a visa-free regime from his nationality, or must visit the embassy to purchase a new visa for travel to another state.